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LOC'AHM TRUCKS is always at your service

We provide not only a broad range of choice vehicles but also comprehensive, professional services to make your business easier.


  • Financing : The best solution for keeping you costs under control.

    From leasing to buy-back - financing of your used truck or van
    LOC'AHM TRUCKS offers a full range of financing options
    Choose between classic financing and leasing models or numerous individual variant and
    reduce the amont of capital you have tied up.
    Of course, our vehicle management also deals with the administrative tasks relating to your
    LOC'AHM TRUCKS will be pleased to provide you with a personal financing quote.

  • Regulatory controls : Garanteed safety for your company.
    Your truck or van or the vehicle you have chosen must comply with regulations so as to operate
    on the road in France.

  • LOC'AHM TRUCKS will prepare the used commercial vehicle for you, arrange an appointment
    at the reponsible inspection agencies ans submit vehicle for inspection.
    We can also offer to carry out the required repairs for you before the inspection.
    the give you guaranteed certainty.



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